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Around the World to a New Kitchen

//Around the World to a New Kitchen

Around the World to a New Kitchen

Gone are the days of disorganisation

The time-old adage, “If you don’t first succeed then try, try again”, paints the picture of the kitchen that Ingrid Hazelspring successfully renovated.

Ingrid set forth to overhaul the box-like dimly lit kitchen of her 1988-constructed three-level townhouse and consolidate it with an adjacent laundry room. Ingrid resolved to make the product selections and self-manage construction. Internal walls were demolished and the previously cramped space was light-filled, spacious and open. Unfortunately the renovation came to a screeching halt when the inferior kitchen joinery was delivered. Ingrid reflects, “The sub-par joinery was not going to be installed in this now grandiose space that was to be my family kitchen”. Recognising her costly misjudgement, the joinery was returned.

In a conundrum over the kitchen renovation turning sour Ingrid together with her son Harry set off on a 6-month overseas adventure leaving the unfinished kitchen as a distant memory.

Returning home Ingrid rebounded with renewed enthusiasm for the renovation project; this time seeking professional advice and gave consideration to what she wanted in her new kitchen. Quality was most important from appliances to cabinet hardware and lighting followed by a family kitchen that was user-friendly and comfortable, easily maintained and durable. Her mantra is time management and a well-organised kitchen. “With the old kitchen, storage was minimal and difficult to accessed – all lower cabinets with internal shelves and upper cabinets with doors. I spent half of my time in the kitchen searching for what I couldn’t find.” Ingrid exclaimed.

Gone are the days of disorganisation! Ingrid’s new kitchen is efficiently and effectively configured. With under-sink double drawers, cutlery and utensil drawers; a dual waste bin pull-out for rubbish and recyclables; a deep pull-out fitted with dividers to organise pots, pans and lids; and a compartmented deep pull out for small appliances. Giving equity to design aesthetics and function, Blum TANDEMBOX intivo drawers finished in Terra Black were selected as contrast to the white polyurethane joinery cabinets.

The wall-to-wall tall cabinets were reserved for an integrated laundry, an integrated refrigerator, and a concealed home office.

Powered by a motorised lift mechanism, Blum SERVO-DRIVE, the overhead cabinet door lifts effortlessly. On the lower shelf, there are plates, bowls and mugs used daily; and occasionally used items on the shelf above. “A few years ago, both of us had a hard time accessing the upper cabinet doors in the old kitchen. With the new cabinet, a touch of an electronic button opens or closes,” tells Ingrid.

Unanimously, Ingrid and Harry agree that Blum products have enhanced the liveability of their kitchen and assists toward reducing the workload.

Ingrid concludes, “Through experience, I’ve learned that buying quality the first time around saves time, money and unnecessary aggravation leaving more time to do fun-things together as a family.”

Kitchen designed by Darren Genner, Minsoa Design.

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